Delivery of a Self Elevating Jack-Up Unit "Amazonе"

In 2011 specialists of our company did a complex of works on delivery of self elevating jack-up unit "Amazon" from Yugorskiy Shar to Murmansk for planned repair works. Projects were developed for fleet arrangement and maneuvering operations to navigate barge "Smitbarge 2" below the jack-up unit "Amazone" for fixing of the barge in the predetermined position below the unit, moving the jack-up unit down onto prepared supports and securing of the jack-up unit in position on the barge deck, towing of the barge with the jack-up unit to the port of Murmansk by ice-breaker "Dickson". Developers of the Projects took active part on-the-scene in works on preparing the barge for the carriage, positioning of the barge below the jack-up unit and its securing on the barge. The greatest challenge of these works was to position the barge below the jack-up unit and doing works on its securing on the barge under difficult weather conditions. All the Projects were approved by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) and Noble Denton company (as surveyors of insurers).

In February 2013 self elevating jack-up unit "Amazone" was discharged from barge "Smitbarge 2" in the Kola Bay. To summarize experience for future transportation tasks the jack-up unit supports on the barge and bottom shell of the unit were visually inspected upon discharging and found in good condition. The works were done for LLC "Gazflot".

Photo report of the Project realisation