Transportation of 4 Gantry Cranes "Vitjaz"

In 2013 a project of transportation of 4 ready assembled gantry cranes "Vytjaz" on deck of mv "HHL Hong Kong" en route from the port of Ust-Luga (Russia) to the port of Rajin, DPR Korea via the Northern Sea Route was developed and carried into effect. Mass of each crane was 340 t, while overall height reached 56 m. Sea leg of the voyage made up about 7800 nautical miles. Peculiarity of this transportation was in the need to develop securing schemes, taking into consideration limited ability of fixing the crane tower and possible ice accretion of the cranes in the course of the transportation. Height limits while navigating below the Oresund Bridge in the Copenhagen area were taken into consideration as well.

The works were done for CJSC "SMM".

Photo report of the Project realisation