TEC — Transport Engineering Solutions, Development and Implementation

  • LLC "TransEngineering Company" is a major leader specialising in development and implementation of engineering solutions based on excellent knowledge of the Russian and international regulatory framework, transportation technologies and operating peculiarities of various transport means.
  • One of the priorities is development of projects for safe transportation of bulky and heavy lift (BHL) cargoes, as well as of unique equipment presenting highest degree of complexity from transportation point of view.
  • Our team members are engineers, designers, technology specialists and experts with up to 40 years of experience, who actively take part in working out of Russian and international regulatory framework for safe operation of sea and river transport means. We combine creative thinking of young engineers and knowledge of experienced professionals for the purpose of technically perfect accomplishment of most complex projects.

Key performance indicators

Most of our Customers have been assigning developing of various projects to our company over a number of years, which is obviously indicative of appreciation of high professional qualities of our personnel and trust in our company. With close collaboration with our clients, we have developed over 4500 projects of various complexity degree. Workmanship of our engineers allows us to develop projects of carriage of bulky and heavy lift (BHL) cargoes by sea and river transport means, which are unique in their realisation.

The fundamental principle of our company is not limited by transportation safety and cargo integrity, but transportation cost reduction on the part of the Customer is our top priority as well. That is why when doing project calculations we use proprietary methodologies, allowing us to rationally stow and secure the cargo in accordance with our principle approach to calculation of securing: it should be "necessary and sufficient" that allows saving considerable clients' funds when purchasing securing materials.

With extensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills, based on long-term work experience, experts of our company take part in working out of national and international regulatory documents, governing various issues of safe cargo carriage by sea transport means, in particular they participate in IMO, ISO, UN ECE, etc.

More than 300 Clients

More than 40 regulatory documents developed

More than 4500 projects

Up to 50% funds saving on securing materials

Key Projects

Quotes experts

Yuriy Venikov


Management is a craft of doing things in the right manner; leadership is a craft of doing the right things.

Yuriy Voynarovskiy


Decision making needs two components – experience and knowledge. It is only this tandem that will provide the best result.

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